Art, food and entertainment ...... at SIXTEEN SIXTEEN

June 7 - 30

Our 6 x 6 Invitational is an exhibition benefiting

the non-profit arts organizations

at SIXTEEN SIXTEEN Del Paso Boulevard:


  • The Big Idea Theatre
  • The Alternative Arts Collective
  • The Artists In Residence program

Within the next few weeks, one thousand blank pieces of artist paper, each 6 x 6, will be mailed to our patrons with a request for them to return the 6 x 6 paper with their "creation donation."

Visitors to the gallery will be able to view and purchase these 6 x 6 creations June 7 - 30 when they are be featured in The Temp's main gallery.

If you have received one of our invitations and have questions, please call Gallery Director Rebecca Garrison  (921-1224) or email the gallery at [email protected]




   UPDATE #1 (April 26)

   Our first 6 x 6 has been returned.  Thanks Paul Almond!  Here's what Paul wrote us:  "Supporting the arts is important because art may be the only task left that computers can't  perform - at least for now - I think!"